Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now that's more like it, AI! (and some BL)

Ahh, American Idol. It was nice to have a variety of music last night, and bit sad to realize I was older than every single contestant --except one. Well, I guess that just means my critique of the show is more reliable and believable! I'm more than wise --I'm old and wise. And regardless of what people think, I see oldness as wiseness. Usually.
Anywhosers, I was glad to see that the show was shorter by 1/2 an hour. For some reason that just makes it easier for me to remember the songs. Somehow. Not sure how. Forget I said anything...

My take:
Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson were obviously very ill last night. As in "sick". As in "they had a cold" or something. I think it affected both of their critiques, although Paula's was the most affected. As usual. She sounded like an idiot. Yes, she's nice, but that does not make her idiocy any less...idiotic. Okay, moving on!

Ramiele Malubay: Why did she shout? Why can't she just use the instrument God gave her in the way it should be used? Ahh, the answer is because the judges made her feel crappy when she sang quietly (the Beatles ballad in week one), so she's pushing it hard now. But why did she have to sing one of my all time favorite songs and screw it up? Seriously, I didn't like it. It was better than last week, yes, but it bothered me. A lot. Not sure how to fix this one. I think her nerves are too fried and she's having a hard time relaxing, getting herself into it...not sure...
Jason Castro: Too quiet, Jason! I agreed with the judges in that I was looking for some more dynamic interpretation. At least he was sincere and confident this week, though. Last week was crazy. I like the confidant Jason. And, ooh! His eyes! Love me some Jason eyes! (To be honest, they're the same color as my husband's, so maybe that's why. heehee!)
Sayesah Mercado: I really liked this! I was surprised at how much I liked it, but I wasn't really watching her sing very much. I was just listening. When I went back to watch her sing? I was kind of annoyed. But her voice is amazing --spot on pitch and fabulous runs. I didn't know she could sing that high, either! Really good job.
Chikizie: Eh. It was pretty good; I really like his soulful voice. He knows how to work the crowd, etc. but I guess I just wasn't too impressed. His first week (top 12) was phenomenal, his second week was, well, weak, and now? I guess he just peaked the first week. Which is sad, really, because he's a great singer and a fab performer. He just needs to pick better songs...?
Carly Smithson: She started out perfectly. It was beautiful! [And those back-up singers are awesome. I've always liked them.] But then she started shouting, which actually wouldn't have been too bad if she had sang that last note quietly; subtly. But no, she shouted it out, and although it actually kind of "worked" (as in it was in tune and she held it strong to the end instead of petering out), it was obnoxious. do I put it? Selfish. That's it. It was selfish and self-indulgent. I'm seriously hoping Carly realizes that she can do something quiet, serene, and still blow people away. Because her pitch is always spot on, and she'd do wonders singing a ballad straight-laced without feeling like she has to rock it out. I think Simon put it right when he said she was "uptight". Absolutely!
Michael Johns: He's the one who is approximately 4 months older than me. And he's hot stuff, I decided. Hoo-wee! His performance last night was my favorite, hands down (with a close David Cook second), and I found myself cheering! I was so glad he got to do Queen, and I loved the combo of the two songs. Seriously, I love this guy! I tried to close my eyes to imagine what he'd sound like on the radio (awesome, by the way. He would sounds awesome!), but I didn't want to close my eyes because he's so nice to look at! (pardon me while I blush a little...sorry, Brandon!)
Brooke White: Kudos to Brook for re-starting when she made the first mistake --like she said, you're not supposed to do that, but it was so refreshing because it's easy to forget that these guys only have a week (or less) to rehearse and pull off these amazing performances in front of millions of people. Not an easy task! I agreed with the judges about the band coming in. She should have just done her thing with the piano, which, by the way, was awesome. Again. Not sure why I haven't gotten bored of her yet. Is it her smile? Her honesty? Her raw talent? Perhaps her awesome religion that I can' t help but relate to? Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. She did well, though. Much better than last week's dancing fiasco. Ouch!
David Archuleta: I wish he'd work on his diction a little bit more. Then I could have understood the song better; but his voice was beautiful as usual. Not my favorite David Archuleta song, but still a goodie!
Kristy Lee Cook: "God Bless the USA?" Wha? I totally get why she picked it, what with it being a Country song and all; I just thought she could have done a Reba song or something. That would have been better. The middle bridge part? Holy cow, Kristy! Couldn't you sing it on key? That one hurt. But, I'll give her props. It could have been ten times worse, and she did look comfortable on stage. Finally.
David Cook: WHOAH! He came in a very close second to my favorite of the night (yes, it was Michael Johns, need I remind you?). This guy is probably the best musician out of the contestants (Brook would be the next best). He reminds me of Chris Daughtry and Bo Bice; cool arrangements and not afraid to make things his own. Who knew a Michael Jackson song could be so alternative? First Lionel Richie, then the Beatles, now Jackson? It was awesome!! David knows exactly who he is and exactly how to get 'er done. It was awesome. Awesome, I tell you! Awesome!

Who should go home:
Ramiele Malubay or Kristy Lee Cook

Who probably will go home:
Dear reader, have I ever guessed who will? Nope. And I won't start now... So, I'll just say somebody is going home. Yes, it will be somebody!

What did you think?

Whoah! I was blown away when Dan won the challenge, but then got sent home. Crazy! Crazy! The whole cake fiasco was hilarious and I'm glad Roger took it to teach Dan a lesson. That was just too funny! It was nice to laugh about it all for once.

But how angry were you about the girls getting "annihilated"? (Alli's word). That was just awful, immature and very, very rude. I was so thrilled that the girls beat out every single one of those boys. Hooray for Girl Power! I cried with them after the weigh-in. They so deserved to win. And I'm hoping they both stay in it for a while --all the way to the end!

What did you think?


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I can't believe I get the honor of being the first comment-er today!

I totally agree with you on all points. Micheal Jjohns (6 days older than me) rocks, he is sooo talented. That song was perfect for him.

David Cook was amazing, I agree that he's an awesome musician.

Brooke was cute, and reliable. David A. sang an annoying song, and at times reminds me of Sanjaya. :)

Everyone else just kind of blended into the background. I did love their baby pics, that was fun.

And maybe I'm totally anti-patriotic for saying this, but I thought Kristy was totally cheesy. I LOVE that song, but I thought it was a little desperate. Is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Ah! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet--maybe I'll go do that right now.

I'll be back.

Jamie J said...

I missed the beginning where David said his birthday but I'm pretty sure I AM older than all of them. Michael Johns was born a month after me but it was refreshing to hear someone born in 1978 instead of like 1990 or something. That made me feel SO old!

Anonymous said...

YOU feel old...sigh...I'm just excited that one of them was born in the same decade as me.

Just finished watching and here are my top three in order of greatness: David C., Michael Johns and Brooke. Jason was OK--I still love him, but it was just OK this time. David A. still has that awesome voice, but sorry, that song was cheeseville. I've always loved the song Carly did--she didn't do the vulnerable parts vulnerable enough--she needed more contrast. I fast forwarded through Syesha--she's just not my style, I guess. Chekezie was snoozeville for me. Christy was OK. It's time for Ramiele to go.

Jolene said...

I cried at the end of Biggest Loser too! Go girls! It is harder for girls to lose consistently and they did just great! I can't believe how skinny Ali is looking!

Thank you for the award! You are great!

Stanton and Julie said...

Cheryl! Loved your commentary. I agree completely. Especially with the dreamy Michael Johns bit. I have to bite my tongue when he comes on. How could we both have such awesome taste?
One thing...Michael would have been my favorite of the night IF he had done something really original with the song.
David C. did do something original...sort of. It was a cover of another alterna-rocker's version of that classic MJ song. Why do I still love Michael Jackson so much? I do! I really do! Anyway, his Lionel Ritchie cover was truly original... and the turning point for him.

Cheryl said...

Julie, yeah, Susan M pointed that out (the cover) on another blog and I feel dumb for not realizing it, because I guess Ryan even introduced it as such. Ah, well. And yes! Michael is quite...nice. Heehee... :)

No, it's not just you! Someone over at Kulturblog called her "Kristy Lee “I will sing a very bad manipulation song to stay in” Cook". Too funny!

Yay! Someone watches it and roots for the girls! I mean, part of me thinks the whole Pride Four thing with the guys is cool, but it's out of control, man!

Face it! You're just old. :) So are you Jamie. And I'm right behind y'all!

Susan M said...

I can't believe how into this show I am. I'm so excited for it every week. Then can't wait to go talk about it online. I need help.

Oh and I was born in 1970. Some of these kids are 20 years younger than me.

Cheryl said...

Susan, you and me, both!

Oh, yeah. I forgot you were umm...a tad bit older than me. :)Just goes to show you that age does not matter when it comes to talent and good taste!

Katie said...

Totally agree with you. I liked Brooke. She had her modest clothes and her piano (no dancing). Did she have her shoes off. She looked more confident. Michael was great, although I don't think he needed We Will Rock You. It was weird to me that the song just changes and kind of like I was watching a review at some talent show. David C was great. I didn't know it was a cover, but good on ya! I agree. You have to have talent as a musician to last. I think that is what separates the men from the boys with past winners. Kristy LC. PULEEZE! I thought it was cheesy. I know, I know. I just cringe with that song, unless it is the guy who wrote it. It just gets so overplayed and overdone. I just think cheesfest with it. And yes, I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I am free to hate that song. Chickezie needs to get younger...They are right. He is too "old" sounding. But, I should know what old is since I am older then ALL OF THEM! Oy Vey! Did someone say they were born in 1990?

Susan M said...

Queen released those two songs on the same single---one was a bside, and they'd often combine them live. Which is why Johns did it.

Cheryl said...

What Susan said.

Also, I didn't notice if she wore the shoes or not...hmmm...

Yes! Kristy's performance was very cheesy...oh, and David Archuleta was the only one born in 1990. I think next would be Ramiele in 1987, there was a whole bunch in 1984...I think Michael is the only one born in the 70's...!

Julie said...

Brooke had her shoes off while playing, I noticed them sort of messily tossed on either side of the bench. They really didn't show her feet during the judges' comments, though, so I don't know after that.
I was thinking last night how much Ryan must love having Ramielle on the show -- she makes him look so tall, whereas everyone else reveals him as the little shorty he is. Fun-ny.

Jamie J said...

When Brooke sang Let It Be she said that she can't play the piano with her shoes on so I'm not surprised that she didn't have them on last night either...

Amanda said...

Go Kelly! Go Kelly! Go Kelly!

I really don't think that she will make it all the way, but I am hoping she will!

I thought the challenge was really lame. It would be a good challenge for earlier on in the game but not this late.