Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekends like this are simply the best

What a great weekend. Honestly, it was one I enjoyed so much I didn't want the week to start! Here's the run-down:
President Hinckley's funeral was wonderful. We opted not to go to the Stake Center with the four kiddies in tow --instead we all sat on the couch and watched it together. The kids did pretty well and paid attention. At one point I looked over and #1 was crying quietly. That touched my heart so deeply! It was kind of surreal to see the casket and watch the funeral procession to the cemetary. The speakers left me emotionally and spiritually drained; the videos of President Hinckley's life brought me to tears. It was such a wonderful way to bring closure to the thoughts that he won't be leading us anymore. (P.S. Did you read the news release about President Monson?)

Then Saturday night I got a rare treat --Girl's Night Out! (GNO) Wa-hoo! There was about 8 of us, and we went to see 27 Dresses. I went into the movie expecting a good, funny, and delightful chick-flick. I got exactly what I expected and so I left very happy. It was super cute. Oh, and Laura? My old roomie, Laura? Are you reading this? You look exactly like a brunette version of Katherine Heigl, did you know that? Holy cow! Anyway, after the movie, we went to the Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, and I got this amazing mug of Mayan hot chocolate (with cinnamon and almond). Cue the chorus: Heaven! It was a great night, one that I need every once in a while.

Sunday brought some more comfort and peace --it was fast Sunday, and so, of course, there were a lot of testimonies about President Hinckley (which was very appropriate). It was such a great meeting that we didn't realize how late it was until the Bishop got up to close the meeting. How often does that happen? I'm usually the first to glance at the clock.

During the meeting, at one point, I also had a wonderful experience. Brandon and I are facing some difficult decisions right now, but in one silent moment, all my stress melted away, and I felt nothing but peace. I felt that Heavenly Father was very aware of us, and that He would guide us during our deicisons, just like He always has --I knew that He would take care of us, and since then, all I've felt is that continual peace. It's amazing to be able to face trials without fear. I think I'm finally starting to truly understand what can happen when we have enough faith. And it's a powerful, powerful feeling.
What a beautiful life I have. It's not perfect (holy cow, it's not!) and I have my dark days (stupid depression issues), but I'm grateful for the gift of gratitude; of optimism; of hope. I don't know how people get through their lives without that comfort. I just don't.

Okay, now it's your turn. Did you learn anything new this past weekend? Were you reminded of anything you had learned, but keep forgetting to apply to your life? (keep in mind this does not necessarily need to be spiritual). And if not, did you do anything fun?


Madsens said...

we drove to idaho - ohhh my love for idaho runs deep :) We were initially going to see Buddy bless the sacrament for the first time, but his Bishop told us during the week he wasn't ready. We went to idaho anyway :) Then, he comes over Sunday afternoon to tell us that he blessed it...WHAT THE??? Oh well, he is growing up i guess :(

Anyway, I learned that his testimony is so sweet. During the funeral, he asked my dad to take him out of the room and he broke down in SOBS for the loss of President Hinckley - it was so touching. I started crying and realized that he probably has WAY more of a personal testimony of the Savior, His servants, and the work. Wow - I have alot to learn :)

Thanks for your post. I just keep plugging away, hopeing it pays off. I haven't really noticed a difference with the 9.4lbs, but I am sure it will settle in here soon :) Keep working hard!


Amanda said...

I only saw part of the funeral on the internet. It was nice, and I am bummed that I missed the video. My parents recorded it for me though so I am looking forward to watching it. My daughter looked at a picture of the prophet and said, "He is in Heaven but Jesus will make him live again." She was so sure of it, I had to smile.

Glad to hear that you had a good weekend and good luck with your decisions!

brenbot said...

The stars must have been in alignment this weekend. Mine ruled:

- Girl movie pizza night with my new roomie and her friends.
- Went running twice.
- Ran tons of errands.
- Went geocaching.
- Ate Thai food with friends.
- Went to a friend's art show and saw friends I hadn't seen in 5+ years.
- Watched Flight of the Navigator with friends (Do you remember that movie?)
- Church
- Went out to Mexican food for lunch with a friend
- Made dinner for friends

Seriously one of the most productive and fun weekends in a long time. Actually last weekend was pretty good too.

Cheryl said...

Totally. That movie rocks.

That's exactly what my kids keep saying. I love their sweet testimonies. They're so simple, you know?

I can't believe how much Buddy has grown! How crazy that he's already a priest...I agree that he's probably more sensitive to things of the Spirit, and how blessed he is for that!

Summer said...

Thanks for your testimony within this post. I need to recognize the Lord's hand in my life more.

Hillary said...

I had a good weekend too! I finished revising one of my thesis chapters. And the kid in my primary class who NEVER behaves was PERFECT during class on Sunday. And I re-committed myself to all of my New Year's resolutions. I guess I realized that I can't expect to change my whole life around on New Years day; I have to be more realistic. Change takes time. And it's OK if you're not perfect and going to the gym or eating healthy or whatever your resolutions are. Everyday is an opportunity to get better and work harder and change. So that's what I'm going to try and do. So, yeah, it was a good weekend.

Rochelleht said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED watching the funeral Saturday. I felt the spirit all day. How enriching! Aren't we blessed?

Mama D said...

I am visiting from Dandelion Mama, and I've seen your comments on other blogs as well. I enjoy your perspective, and your blog looks great.

I have a question that I haven't been able to figure out, and I noticed you seem to have done so. Do you know how to do the expandable post summaries (the "read more" type links) so the whole post doesn't show on your main page? The codes I've found aren't working for me... If you could help or even point me in the right direction, I'd be forever grateful!

I look forward to visiting your blog again.

Michelle AM