Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Big News you've been waiting for? Yeah, not so big.

Have you noticed how little I've been blogging this week? Even on my own blog? The reason is kind of complicated, so here's some of the "Big News" I was dangling in front of you so rudely for so long (10 days in blogging time --an eternity, no?):

Last March (2007), we moved to California because Brandon got a job. This is a most valid reason for moving, wouldn't you say? And this job had potential. And it was in California. And it was close to Wharton's west coast campus, which happens to be in San Francisco. We had been talking for years of Brandon pursuing his EMBA at Wharton. This was our opportunity to fufill this dream.

Well, within 7 months, we realized that the potential in the job was not quite as accurate as we had been hoping. Then earlier this month, when the Wharton application came due, Brandon's supervisors refused to supply a letter of endorsement, which would allow Brandon the time off needed to pursue his degree. In defense of the company, it truly is a lot of time off --62 days in 2 years (basically every other Friday). But Brandon had been upfront and honest about his intentions and there had not been any indication that they would not endorse him. The saddest part? Wharton will not accept applications without a company's endorsement (note: endorsement in this case simply means support; not money). Brandon could not turn in the application; we lost another year. This, to us, was the final dealbreaker.

So, currently (as of last week), we are in "search" of new employment. I say "search" because we already have a couple of options. But these options are not solid and so I don't have any "Big" announcements to make. There's a job opportunity back in Utah; there's one in Indiana; there's one in Boston. And although the Utah one looks the most likely, we're staying open to other options. Because we've been through all of this before.

The Big News? We're most likely going to be moving. As early as next month --as late as this summer. My feelings about it? I'll save that for another post.

As to not blogging this week? Well, my sweet hubby has been home, catching up on projects. Which is nice! Except he needs the computer. My computer. Okay, our computer. And that leaves me very little time to blog. And so I apologize. I haven't meant to ignore you guys --especially Sara! (and yes, you can add me to your blogroll, since I'm going to replace your old link with your new link on mine). But you know what I did instead?
  • I read These Is My Words (for the second time. I love that book!)
  • I took the kids to the park
  • I wandered around aimlessly wondering what to do with this new interruption in my home
  • I cleaned the house from top to bottom (okay, I only did that yesterday --I mostly just wandered aimlessly all week)

Now, for those of you who have ever been thrown into a state of limbo --waiting for job offers, not sure of when or where you will move to, etc. --I understand completely (this is actually the third time we've gone through this. We're experts, now!). And I will tell you how to get through it all:

Just pray and make sure you follow the Spirit. Sometimes it will feel as if Heavenly Father has forgotten you; sometimes you will feel stupid because you don't know what Heavenly Father wants you to do. And sometimes you will think you know, but then something else comes along and throws a wrench into your plans. Through all of this, you can't lose your faith. You have to just keep praying and trying. Because eventually, He will guide you to where you need to be. Even if it's to a place you now have to leave, although you've only been there a year and you've fallen head-over-heels in love with it.

P.S. Don't forget to give me your stories! You have until 10PM (PST) tonight. I'll draw the winners (2) and give you the results tomorrow.


Julie P said...

That is, too, big news! I'm just sorry most of all that you have to move. You're in an awesome place right now, and moving is just hard work. You have a great attitude, though. Hang in there.

Cristy said...

Wow you guys! CRAZINESS! We've been through it 4 times in our marriage, and I doubt it won't happen again! I feel for the anxiety that I'm sure you guys are feeling, but just know that every end is a new beginning! Another grande adventure! Just love and support each-other through the rough days.

The Wiz said...

I was RIGHT! Woo-hoo!!

Oh,wait. This isn't about me. In any way, shape, or form.

OK, my thoughts (and I'm making it about me again): move to Utah, and buy my house. That would really help us out. Good deal?

Limbo is seriously the worst. It's a harder trial than a lot of people think. I HATE it so badly, and can't deal with it well, so hopefully I don't become an expert like you.

Congratulations on the change, it's always good to shake things up, and I hope/pray you find something truly AWESOME and meaningful.

Best of luck.

Jamie J said...

Like the Wiz said being in limbo and waiting for life to happen to you is so hard! I hate being in that position. I hope you guys can find the best job and best place for you and your family.

Hillary said...

Good luck figuring everything out!

Kelly A. said...

Dang employer, what was that all about? My husband is a Wharton grad. While we were there, there was a family with 4 or 5 kids who lived in the dorms! Forget the EMBA, scrap it all, go for broke and move to Philly for full time! You could live in the dorms and wouldn't have to make dinner for two years! Woot!

Seriously though, good luck you guys. You are lucky to have each other to go through it with.

Katie Kilpatrick said...

That is exciting. I understand how you feel. When we came to California it was mainly because Don's SLC job as not that supportive of him. It was a risk, but we are so glad we took it. We look back at that old job and laugh at how dysfunctional it was. I hope you choose Indiana. Hopefully it will not be too far away. Indianapolis is 4 hours away and my brother lives there, so if you are there we can come and visit. Good luck and our thoughts and prayers are with you. At least this time you don't have a baby for the move (litle baby).

Amanda said...

Wow! Are you sure Oregon isn't one of those options? Although if it was Utah, I could visit you when we visited home.

Keep us posted on what you decide! Good luck with all the decisions. You'll make the right choice.

That book is our RS book club selection. The library is out of it (of course) so I am trying to be patient to wait my turn for it. I'm glad to hear you liked it. Now I can't wait!

Michele said...

Hey, at least if you come here (Utah) I will get to see you guys again! I miss you! Sorry I am so lame at keeping in contact, but with 6 kids and a huge move only 3 months behind me I hope you will forgive me. :)

Cheryl said...

the wiz-
Yes, you are a genius! :) You know, I'd love to help you out, but even if we moved back to Utah, SLC is a little too far north. Okay, just 30 minutes too far. But thank you. I will agree that new stuff is not always bad stuff --sometimes it's good to have change.

Yes, I know! You were so right. So very, very right about this place. :(

Ah, yes. We are both experts at this, aren't we? Isn't it fun? ~sigh~

You know, that's a little tempting! But I'm not sure how focused we are on Indiana --you are definitely a plus, though!

Really? That's not a bad idea, although I doubt we'll actually do it. Did your hubby do his MBA or undergrad there? Or both?

Sorry. OR is not even on the radar. But like you said, UT could be good --and might create some fun blogger parties!

How are you doing? It doesn't feel like that long!

Hillary and Jamie-
Thank you! I really appreciate your concern.

April J. said...

I was thinking about this. I think it is sad that I came across your blog and thought I should get to know her. I took my sweet time. Let this be a lesson learned if some one peeks your interest don't wait around you may miss a chance at an awesome friendship. Well maybe a better CA job will pop up?! I wish you you may still be around a while...