Friday, January 25, 2008

A Writing Award!

As I was wallowing in my misery (only a few hours earlier, please see previous post), I thought I would catch up on some blog reading. Surprisingly, I came across an award. About writing. For me. For Me!?
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As I mentioned in my comment to Tracy M, my draw literally dropped when I read my name. What's the big deal, you ask? I'm getting an award based on my writing. Not my niceness, nor my ability to say rude things on many a community site (I'm good at that, sadly); it's for writing. From Tracy M! Believe you me, I consider this a great honor.
Here is the description of the award:

"...ROAR Award for good writing. The rules for being A Roar for Powerful Words recipient are that I share three writing tips and pass the award on to three more bloggers worthy of recognition and esteem..."

My Rules? For writing? I really love Tracy's. Mine? I only have two:

  1. Re-read the post several times. Even after publishing it. Re-read it. Edit mistakes. I always have several!
  2. Don't be too extreme in every post. Too depressing, too happy, too petty, too angry, too boring. Occasional extremism is welcome. But in every post? That's a quick way to chase off readers.
  3. Write about anything. You can make the mundane sound brilliant, and the brilliant sound mundane. Just try. If you don't, then how can you get better?

I want to give this award to Summer at Summer's Nook, Kelly A. at Cookies and Milk and Yellow Balloons , and Cristy at The Mrs. Formerly Known As Mustard. Their writing inspires mine!


Amanda said...

Congrats! You deserve it.

tracy m said...

Cheryl- are you Carrie's niece??

Cheryl said...

Technically? No, but I married her nephew. So...yes, she's my aunt. :)

Brandon's (DH) mother is the oldest and Carrie is the youngest and was quite a surprise. Thus the similar ages.

Cheryl said...

Oh. My. Heck. I just read that I wrote "My DRAW literally dropped" instead of "jaw."

You may now ignore my first rule of writing, since I obviously don't know how to follow it myself. :)

Cheryl said...

Holy cow! And then I said I only had two rules and then wrote THREE!?! The writing gods are mocking me.

Or maybe my head is so stuffed and my body is so achy that I can't think straight.

P.S. And I commented three times, in a row, on my own blog. I need a nap!

Jamie J said...

Congrats! You deserve it!

Rochelleht said...

Good for you! Your comments are cracking me up!

tracy m said...

Cheryl- I understand the exteneded family ties all too well- my DH was a caboose baby, and his oldest brother already had children when he was born- thus he has a nephew the same age he is! And I'm younger than his nephew- and his mother has Great-grandchildren older than her grandchildren by us.

*no wonder we need a mountain to keep all this stuff in!*

Summer said...

Thank you so much Cheryl. I am so happy you thought of me for this award.

Kelly A. said...

Congratulations to you! You have worked so hard on your writing lately, and are most deserving.

Thank you for the shout out, I haven't meant to let it go unnoticed. You are sweet!