Thursday, January 03, 2008

Three Days and You need to see this!

Yesterday was a "writing" day. Translation: dirty house, pajamas all day, "Hey, kids, you wanna watch another movie?!"

Today was a "visit" day. Translation: Drive 35 miles south to see SIL and nephew. Spend the day inside (lots of rain!) watching movies (yes, more movies!), playing games, making home-made pizza, talking for hours with a great SIL, and being glad the children don't want to leave.

Tomorrow is a "holy cow, does school start on Monday?!" day. Translation: Get everything ready for the oncoming month. This includes many things, most of which are annoying. Especially pre-school tuition payments.


Did anyone happen to see the Documentary called "In God's Name" last week? If not, go here to read about it. I highly recommend seeing it! Even if only for educational reasons.

I watched the entire film (it's about 2 hours) and I found it absolutely fascinating. Fascinating! I learned a lot about many other religions, but mostly, I was reminded some things that I already knew:

The light of Christ, which is given to all men, truly unites us all in goodness. To see how truth and love have transcended time, tragedy, and terrorism shows me that at the core, our Spirits are striving to find unity and strength in each other, regardless of our religious affiliation. So many are seeking for the Truth. And so many already have a lot of it. At the tiniest beginning, our relationship with God begins with Love. It continues with Love. And, not surprisingly, at the end, Love is there. This Doctrine is not limited to any one Church --we all share it. This doesn't change my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but it has shown me that Truth is found in many places. Many, many fascinating places.


Cristy said...

Yay for lazy days! At least they're fun when most of your days are crazy... I'll have to check out that Doc.

Jamie J said...

That documentary sounds interesting! I love lazy-movie-watching-jammie-wearing days!