Monday, January 14, 2008

Jane and Temples

Ho, hum. It's a Monday morning and the fog is thick around these here parts. I've always kind of liked fog. Not the oh-my-heck-we're-in-a-cemetery-and-this-could-be-a-horror-film! kind of fog, just the misty, ethereal, I-feel-I'm-in-a-Jane-Austen-novel kind of fog.

And speaking of Jane Austen, I watched Persuasion last night on Masterpiece Theater. Oh, the joy! The tears! And frustration at how short it was --I had to warn myself that the screenplay could not possibly include everything from the book since the movie was only an hour and a half. It was hard, but I endured.

OH! I wanted to let you all know of an amazing experience I had on Saturday:

The Oakland Temple is closed for a few weeks, so I thought it would be fun for Brandon and I to drive to Sacramento and attend the Temple there. Since it is one of the "small" temples, we had to make an appointment. It's about 2 hours away, so we drove up early, scoped out Brandon's old houses (he lived there as a child), ate dinner at a terrible Applebees (the service was awful at first, and something had expired on Brandon's chicken. Not fun, but no time to complain since we had a schedule to keep), and then arrived for the 6:30PM session. It was SOOO fun! I've seen small temples before and have even attended a wedding in one --however, it was different doing an endowment session. Everything was much smaller (go figure), but I loved the small rooms. And just because they were small didn't mean the skimped on beauty! I couldn't believe the beauty of the Celestial Room. It was incredible. At the end of the session, we volunteered to do a sealing session. It was wonderful and perfect, and just what I needed to hear. One woman and her husband were able to act as proxies for her grandparents' sealing. It was beautiful! There was a very young couple there as well --and it was obvious they were newlyweds. While getting changed in the dressing room, I approached her and asked how long they had been married. She blushed and said "two weeks!" I smiled and told her that it was obvious and I had thought they were newlyweds. She blushed again and I ensured her that it was a compliment.

Being in the sealing room and hearing those words brought back memories of my own sealing to Brandon. This Wednesday we will celebrate our Nine Year Anniversary! Stay tuned for a blog about our wedding day...


Jamie J said...

What a great experience at the temple! I really need to go...And DANG! I forgot to watch PBS last night! Hopefully I'll remember next Sunday.

Amanda said...

It is nice to hear about your temple trip. We haven't been in soo long. I need to make that a priority.

Happy anniversary! We celebrate 9 years this year too, but not until September. I hope that you will be doing something fun!

Stanton and Julie said...

I bawled my eyes out at Persuasion! It was so wonderful! I'm DVRing the whole series. So great. It made me want to be better. Love that about Jane.