Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Do you want to know?

Do you want to know why I'm voting for Romney and am heartbroken that he didn't win in NH? Brandon gives my answer (in a much better way) right HERE.

Do you want to know why I'm so giddy for Sunday Night? Read THIS. Holy cow, my excitement is only exceeded by my joy!

Do you want to know why I haven't been blogging these last few days? Why, it's been full of cleaning, school, scripture study-group (at my house), piano lessons, and weight watchers. Oh! Since the holidays are over, and the treats are swept away from the house, I feel I can resume our weekly updates. Therefore, here they are:

Total Weight Loss:
Brandon: 37.4 pounds. Yes, the man actually lost 2 pounds over the Christmas holidays! How cool and maddening is that?!
Cheryl: 27 pounds! Yep, I maintained. So, now I'm going for broke! I wanted to lose 10 pounds by February, but I'm realistic enough to know it probably won't happen. But I sure am going to try!

P.S. #4 has decided sitting still and eating baby food are for...well...babies. And he has decided he is no longer a baby. We are officially into transition mode (i.e. finding table food he likes, getting a gate for the stairs --where is that gate?! --and helping him feed himself). He's only 11 months old! Doesn't he know he should at least wait another month?
P.S.S. He got another tooth, too. That makes 7!


Kelly A. said...

Oh I love you PBS!

Amanda said...

Good job on the weight loss. I'm impressed that neither of you gained over the holidays. Good luck with your goal!

That was a very interesting discussion the comments of the blog. I would like to read the original post. Brandon said everything very well. I don't think that you need to give up hope on Romney...he wasn't that far behind in NH.

Have fun watching PBS. Don't forget about us though! We need our daily dose of Cheryl!

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

I'm going to have to look up that PBS schedule! Romney still has hope and GREAT JOB at maintaining!!

McIntyre Family said...

Wow.. I enjoyed reading Brandon's comment. My husband, Scott, is way into politics as well and because of him I've watched all but one or two R debates and a couple D debates. I agree with every word Brandon said. I believe Romney will do what he says he will do based on his history and background. Anyway...I was displeased with IA and NH as well, I'm surprised he didn't win at least one of them. Here's hoping for Michigan!

Janelle said...

OH man I am gearing up my Tivo as soon as I finish typing and my tivo has a dvr so I will be copying it as well. Thrilling!

Go Mitt!