Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My New Year's Goal Starts NOW!


Brandon didn't lose any weight this week. But he didn't gain any weight, either!
Me? I lost 2 pounds!! Wa-hoo! I'm right back to where I was the week before Thanksgiving. And I'm feeling more motivation.

Here's the plan:

I will lose 10 pounds by the end of January. I only need 10 pounds to make goal weight.

Whew! I feel pressure now that I've finally said it (wrote it?) out loud. But why can't I do it? I mean, seriously? Why not? What is stopping me from staying on task, exercising, and being strong through the holidays? Do I really need to eat all the yummy food? Honestly, what in the world would I be missing if I refused to eat things that could derail my efforts? What is so great about it that it is more important than my health?

Yeah, okay, it tastes good. But not nearly as good as sweet victory!

(Yeah, that's cheesy, but I couldn't help it! :) )

P.S. Next week I'll post some before and after photos of us!


Amanda said...

You can do it! I know you can! Good luck!

brenbot said...

before and after pictures are one of my favorite things.

Kelly A. said...

Way to go! You can do it for sure, look how far you have come. Inspirational!

tamrobot said...

My goal is to not gain weight in December. That means I got to do a lot of exercise. So much good food.

Katie said...

Good Job! We I really need to get going too. Does Christmas have to be so delicious?