Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RS (Random Stuff)

New development: #4 pulls himself up to his knees and almost to standing. On the fireplace hearth. Not good. He's also FAST. And there's way too much junk on my floor. Even if I've vacuumed the day before? No good. He finds every teeny-tiny small piece of whatever to put into his mouth. But if I leave him in his saucer? He cries. Exercise is what he wants, so I have to watch him like a hawk.

Miracle: All four children taking a nap at the same time. They did this yesterday. What did I do with it? Blog.

Sadness: My friend who went into the hospital on Sunday morning is still in the hospital and they might have to operate. Could you please pray for her?

Depression: I'm having a down week. I could give you the list as to why, but it's too depressing.

Waiting: No word from the publisher yet. I've been waiting for approx. eight weeks now. According to the card they sent me, I have 5 to 7 weeks left. I'm going crazy with worry. I keep telling myself "They will probably reject you, so just expect it." But I can't stop hoping and praying and begging that they will love my ideas. I just have to be patient. I just have to be strong. I just have to stop thinking about it!


Cristy said...

Don't worry about the down week. I had mine last week. It systematically happens every 3 to 4 weeks... hmmm..... As for me being a "freaker?" Guilty.

janelle said...

I wish you would have come to scripture study. We could have resolved the down list... If you chance to meet a frown do not let it stay....

Cheryl said...

I wanted to come --but there was no clean underwear for #3, so it was pull-up/naked time for a while; and he and #2 have a cough.
By the time I finished feeding them lunch, cleaning up the mess and getting #3 dressed, it was already 12:30. I feel like a heel, though, because I invited 3 people this week to come, and I wasn't even there! :(
Are we meeting next week?

janelle said...

Yes, D&C 11-17 same time. Won't you be gone though?

Amanda said...

Who knew it took that long for publishers to decide? I'm sorry that it is such a long wait!

4 napping? At once? Wow! Glad to hear that you did something super important like blogging.

I hope that you are feeling better and your friend is too. Keep us posted.

Cheryl said...

Not until Wednesday! So plan on me. :)

cristy is a freaker, too! Cool. It's nice to have friends. :)

I know! My oldest 2 don't even nap anymore. I think it was because it was a holiday --no school, and so I let them watch a movie and before long, they were all snoozing. I was worried because it was so quiet; but napping quiet is the best quiet of all!