Friday, November 16, 2007

How do you spell Berkley? Berkely? Berkeley?

One way to tell that your good eating habits are finally habits: Making two loaves of delicious banana bread and two loaves of amazing apple-cinnamon bread for Book Club, and upon having less than half of it eaten, giving it to hubby to take to work so nobody in the house eats it. Of course, I was tempted to keep it all and scarf it down. Good thing hubby is stronger in the food temptation area and "suggested" that he take it into work. I just like to pretend that it was my idea.

"#2, are your clothes put away?"
"Okay, I'm coming to check."
She runs up the stairs in front of me and into her room. I walk into the room and see nicely made beds and a clean floor. Then I notice #2 leaning against the sliding closet door and looking guilty. I give her the "look" and open the closet. All the clean clothes, some books, and toys are on the closet floor.
"#2, you know you're not supposed to do this."
"Fine, whatever." I sigh. We'll clean it least the room looks good...


Brandon and I are going to a party in Berkley tonight for the half-way mark of NaNoWriMo. I'm almost to 25,000 words, so that would be the half-way point! It's been awesome, watching my characters and plot line come alive as I write. I honestly, honestly enjoy it and have found out that I write conversations better than narration. It doesn't surprise me. For those that know me personally, I could talk myself into exhaustion. One of those great and bad things about me.


Summer said...

Do kids ever stop trying to hide messes in the closet or under the bed?

janelle said...

I still hide messes in the closet and under the bed.