Monday, October 15, 2007

Temples, Cleaning and Spiders...oh my!

Temple Night:
Friday night, Brandon and I finally did a session together in the Temple. I haven't been for almost 5 months. Yes, you can make me feel bad. I deserve it. We went to dinner at a fabulous Thai restaurant not too far from the Oakland Temple, and we barely made it to the 7PM session. It wasn't too crowded --and considering that it was a Ward Temple Night, it was actually quite disappointing to only see 3 couples there (beside ourselves. One couple tried to go, but the wife had forgotten her recommend. I felt really bad for her. Like that's never happened to any of us before!). But it was really great to be back. Brandon and I went in faith, trying to make some decisions. Results? We need to pray some more. :)

Cleaning Frenzy: Our landlady came by for an inspection at Noon on Saturday. What did that mean for the House of Cheryl? You betcha! CLEANING. And we're talking en masse. The bathrooms, the laundry, the vacuuming, the windows, the outside, the inside, etc. It was crazy-busy and in the end, our landlady stayed for approx. 10 minutes. ~sigh~ But to be honest, I'm glad she came. The house hasn't been this clean in months!

Spider Story: I was playing the prelude on the organ before Sacrament Meeting, when I felt something moving on the side of my head. You know, girls, how it feels when your hair falls out of your barrette or elastic and kind of brushes down on your face or the side of your head? Well, I thought it was just my hair. I paused for a second in between prelude songs and brushed at my hair --the feeling was gone, all was well. About 25 minutes later, after the Sacrament, I felt it again. This time, I was sitting next to Brandon in the congregation, holding #4, and I felt something moving on the top of my head. "Brandon" I whispered, "Is there something on my head?!?" I nodded towards him, and he goes "Umm...OH!!!" and sweeps a spider off of my head.
Oh, man, I still can't believe how calm I was --especially since the day before (during cleaning frenzy) the kids had inadvertently brought in a BLACK WIDOW spider on a cowboy hat (used for dress-up). ~shudder~~~~

Oprah is starting to disappoint:
I got an email about Oprah's guests on a show she aired in September, basically advocating p*rnography for women and multiple partners in marriage. Sick, eh? Go to this website to sign the petition. And urge your friends to sign it as well! If we --Women of God --can make a difference, then we most certainly should, don't you think? Yeah, I thought so, too. :)


Summer said...

I would probably be more freaked out by the thought that the same spider had been crawling through my hair for 25 minutes. *shivers*

Jamie J said...

That spider story gave me the jibblies...Glad you got to the temple. Yay for a clean house!

Katie said...

Spider on your head? Yikes! I agree about Oprah. That show was sick. I turned it off. I just don't know what she is up to. I TIVO it because I like to pick and choose what I watch and in one week the topics were depression and bi-polar, transgender kids, more depression, house renovation, and Dr. Oz. THis was like the 5th in transgender issues and 3rd on depression. What is Ms. O telling us about herself?