Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fires and Disclaimers

First off, I want to say that I'm really worried about my friends, family, and strangers in Southern California right now. Jamie had to be evacuated!! She is fine, though, and I'm very relieved. A Tales Girl (my aunt's friend) is also in danger. My SIL and my other SIL (and my MIL) are near the fires, and although their homes are not threatened, the air is really bad. I have so much family and so many friends in and around LA, too --it's starting to freak me out. I cannot imagine what it's like and my prayers are with everyone.

Brandon: 31.8 pounds
Me: 23.8 pounds


Okay, and for all of you that think my husband is amazing for cutting #4's hair without being asked, I have to tell you that I didn't want him to cut #4's hair and was a little peeved that he did it. Okay, not too peeved, because honestly, I was glad I didn't have to do it. However, I know the reason Brandon snuck off to cut his hair was because I didn't want him to. I know, this put's a damper on the last post, but still, I have to be honest! :)

I have to make a general disclaimer here: People, I'm not as great as you think I am. I'm also not the wonderful mother you assume I am, either! I just had to put that out there because although I find your compliments kind, sweet, and very comforting, I'm feeling massive amounts of guilt for allowing you to give them to me. I know I will do my best to just say "thank you", but I had to put this disclaimer on the blog so I won't feel guilt. Or get sued. Whichever happens first. haha!


Kelly A. said...

Oh come on. Who is a perfect mother? You get up every morning and keep trying. You don't throw up your hands and act like your children are everyone else's problem. Do you? I mean you don't let on from the blog!

Don't worry about the disclaimers. Sanitizing some of the memories is a good thing about blogging! I hope in the far future, the good memories will be the only ones that matter.

I still love a little boy haircut. So I'm not officially "Team Brandon" because you didn't want it, but I still like the short! Hee!

brenbot said...

its funny how possessive you are of #4's hair. remember when we threatened to cut it at lopez?

Summer said...

We have some friends in San Diego who haven't been evacuated yet and I hope they won't be. I think they are planning to stay with some family for a while anyway.

Sara said...

I love your disclaimer. You're so funny! And yet I know we all feel that way. I know I do, anyway. I feel guilty when people give compliments about my life, but then again maybe we are just really good at fooling everyone. Either way... like my dad always told me "fake it til you make it." ;)