Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lose a little, gain a little --good thing it's a little!

Update, Week 10:

Brandon: Gained .8
Me: Gained .2

Oh, yes, there are weeks when you gain. And I'm really not bothered by it. Brandon knows he gained because he ate junk (blame it on the football game on Saturday. Yes, the BYU one. Yes, the BYU/Tulsa game that I never blogged about because the pain is just too fresh. Losing to Tulsa was awful. I hid behind my book the entire night.) but I know I gained because I lost too much last week. Losing 4.4 pounds in one week, and then gaining .2 the next just averages out to approx. 2 pounds per week. And I'm cool with that. Knowing Brandon, he'll work his butt off (literally) and lose about 3 pounds next week, I guarantee it. :)

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