Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Reads

My awesome friend, Camellia, had me join Good Reads today. Can I just tell you how excited I am?

I read voraciously. At least I claim to. Having children has slown me down a little bit, but it has also given me a better appreciation for reading. I have a book group (which is just plain wonderful!) but this website, I believe, will give me a better opportunity to find books that I'd like to devour. Yum!

Another selling point for me about this website was the Writing part. Each person is given space and a way to write their own stories, poetry, thoughts, ideas, etc. I loved, loved, loved to write back in the day, and now I have a way to express myself in an exclusive form. Blogging helps, but it's more of a journal journey for me, rather than a place for serious writing. Since my writing has failed to impress anyone (not that I've tried), including myself, I'll be using Good Reads to practice, practice, and practice away. What's great is there is a chance to be read and criticized by others who tend to know what they're talking about (i.e. They all read. A lot.).

So, Thank you Camellia! And if any of my fellow blogger mommies and such want to join up over at Good Reads, please do! Just make sure you add me as a friend, because, well, that's just the nice thing to do. :)


Jamie J said...

sounds cool! I should check it out!

Rochelleht said...

I haven't entered my faves, yet, but I love to go read my friends' favorites. It has given me a lot to read this summer.

Kelly A. said...

Hi, I came here from SAHM of Three. Good Reads looks really cool! I just breezed through it for now, but later tonight I can't wait to check it out for real.

Loved your marriage memory meme, I love labor stories too, other people's stories, don't like to remember my own.

Amanda said...

I've checked out Good Reads and I think that it sounds really interesting! How are you enjoying it? What good books have you found from it? More details, please!

Cheryl said...

Welcome! And now you've got me intrigued --why don't you like to remember your own?

I haven't had a chance to see any good books yet, mostly because I've read so many of them myself. But I see you joined (wa-hoo!), so now we can share our awesome finds...