Friday, August 24, 2007

#3 has no shame

He ate 1/2 bottle of Baco-bits. In 10 seconds.

He now believes in brushing his body, as well as his teeth. With toothpaste.

There's more. But I can't think of anything right now. When I do, I'll edit accordingly.

In an effort to "share", he shoved a small pretzel in #4's mouth this afternoon. Luckily, I knew (by instinct!) and got it out quickly.

I said: "#3! No more water, okay?"
"Okay, mom!" as he proceeded to fill the cup back up with water.


brenbot said...

i heard jared does that.

Jamie J said...

Oh man, I'm so glad I have a girl...and that she can't open the fridge yet. LOL

Cheryl said...

Which one?

Seriously, I never realized how different the kind of trouble that boys can get into. However, I must say that although #3 has written in permanent marker on the walls, #1 once took permanent marker to her body and clothing. And a friend's couch. Not good! So sometimes, gender has little to do with it --age has more, I think. :)

Summer said...

Ok, brushing his body? That's too funny!!

Rochelleht said...

At least he's clean.

Derick screams bloody murder if you put him in the shower and when you wipe his face. He used to do that when you brushed his teeth, but he seems to have stopped it. Well, he gives you about 15 seconds to get the job done, then it's tantrum time.

Cheryl said...

Oh, Rochelle! I promise that you are my hero. I can't imagine what you do everyday in caring for your children (especially your cute boys). You're amazing!

brenbot said...

he pours bacon bits into his mouth. well, fake bacon bits.

Cheryl said...

Okay, good. If it was the brushing his body one, I'd be a tad nervous. :)