Saturday, August 25, 2007

2 things

I'm not used to blogging more than once a day, but I had a few things to add before I forget.

One: Summer awarded me this!

Thank you, Summer! It was unexpected, and my very first Blogger award! Sometimes I really don't feel nice --especially when commenting on community blogs, but I sure try. And for what it's worth, Summer, I think you're very nice!
I would like to pass the award onto:
Amanda at SAHM3
As I've gotten to know them through blogging, I've found them to be some of the nicest people I know! Maybe one day we'll all meet each other. (P.S. I love the rest of you, too!)

#4 got a haircut last Sunday. It was on a whim and I whipped out the scissors. He had some pretty long earlocks growing and quite a bit on top --all of it equaled an ugly comb-over. Now he's all trimmed and looks like the cute boy we all know he is...


kanga5 said...

You're so sweet to give me an award! My FIRST one! Thanks so much! :)

Summer said...

The little man is a cutie pie!

Amanda said...

I'm so excited that you are giving me an award! Thanks! It is my first one. You're a sweetie!

Jamie J said...

I got an award?!? YAY! I've never gotten an award before! I'm going to wear it proudly!

Rebeccah said...

Hey this is Rebeccah! Here is my blog link! That should help you get to my blog!