Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ode to My Mother

Inspired by Denae's post, I decided to write about my own mother. So, back in the day, my mom married my dad in 1978, after graduating from BYU. She got her first teaching job in Idaho, so she and my dad made their home there (while my father finished University). I was born in 1979 (yep, that's me down there!). I'm the oldest of four children, and so some (and I) could say that I got the trial run of my parents "parenting". But I think they did an awesome job. My mom was a teacher (has been for almost 30 years!) and I have been asked before if that was hard on me as a child. I do remember going to daycare --but they are very short memories. What I remember the most are my parents loving me. I remember family vacations; family dinner every night; lots of music and movies; babysitting my siblings while my parents went to the Temple or went grocery shopping. I remember hearing my mother bear testimony about the love she had for Christ and for her children; watching her fulfill all her callings without complaint; making sure we went to church each week; making sure we knew that the Gospel was important to her. I remember spending lots of time with family; wanting to be with my family even when we fought like crazy. I remember seeing my mother (and my father, because they rarely do anything without each other) at all my choir concerts, piano recitals, marching band performances and plays. I remember talking to my mom about my boyfriends; yelling at each other because I was an impossible teenager; being happy to go to college; being happy to visit home as often as I could. I remember going through the Temple for the first time and my mother teaching me doctrine in the Chapel before we went in, and I remember watching her hands and thinking how they looked like mine.
I remember my wedding day and how my mother worked so hard to make the occasion beautiful, even though they had a limited budget; her giving me advice, but never meddling; her constant kindness even when I was out of control. I remember her encouragement to finish college; to pray before making decisions; to love my husband with all that I have.
I remember becoming a mother and wondering if I could ever be even half as good as my mother was (and still is) to me. I remember calling her just this week to ask her advice; wondering if she still thinks of me as the little girl I once was; wondering if I'll ever stop worrying so constantly about my children; hoping she knows how much I love her.

Mom, you're simply the best. I'm grateful God gave me to you because I think you did a great job. I can't thank you enough for all you did for me --from giving me life to helping me with my own children and everything in between. Your testimony of the Gospel, your logic, your sense of humor, your talents, and your never-ending compassion has made me who I am today.

I love you, mom! <3


Amber said...

Great post with some wonderful pictures. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful woman in your life!

Cheryl said...

Thank you! I do feel blessed. Hey, your post for today was awesome. (of course, amber, your posts are ALWAYS awesome, so I guess that's not new... :) )