Saturday, April 14, 2007

Please pass a tissue...

I'm sick.

I thought it would be gone quicker than it is, but this afternoon I hit a wall.

I'm sorry to the mothers and kids I was with this morning. [We were going to go hiking, but because it's raining buckets and buckets, we went to the library instead (which was actually quite fun)]. I'm sorry if any of you end up sick. It will probably be my fault. I thought I was getting over it, but now I'm getting into it.

DH is gone until tomorrow, too --and I'm a wimp and a baby when I'm sick. My kids have been great --but I know they hate the mood swings.

I'm thinking I'll stay home from church tomorrow and make DH take the older three. Then maybe I'll get a nap. It'll be my first nap in about 9 weeks...well, the first nap I'll remember taking in that long...

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