Monday, April 30, 2007

Ode to Utah: What I miss the most, Part I

I miss our yard. I doubt DH misses the leaves falling (do they fall here? I don't even know...), but I miss our trees.
Y Mountain and everything BYU. How could I not? I loved BYU and I miss being so close to it.
Aspen Grove Family Camp. Love it, love it, love it. We worked there for a few years, we visit as often as we can, and hopefully we'll actually vacation there someday...
Mt. Timpanogos! How can I not miss this? Utah Lake (shown here) is okay, but the mountain is wonderful. I hiked to the top of that baby. I did! I promise! And I was 6 weeks pregnant with #1. Yep. I am Wonder Woman... :)

More to come!


Jessie said...

I just moved to the Bay Area as well. What is with people calling these hills mountains? Seeing those pics made me miss Utah, and all of my favorite places.

Denae said...

I really liked living in utah when I was there for a few years. I also climbed mt. timp but it was not a good experience for me!!

Cheryl said...

Which part of the bay area?

How was it not a good experience? Well, I could guess... :)

Amber said...

Even though I live in Mountain Mecca, I totally miss Utah's mountains. One of my favorite things was roller-blading up Provo Canyon. I just can't find anything even remotely comparable here.

I'm with you and would miss those trees. We built a great house but I cannot stand that we don't have any big, beautiful trees.

Can't wait for Part II! :-)

Amanda said...

Stumbled onto your blog a couple weeks ago. I am enjoying it.

I still live in "happy valley" and I love it. I love the mountains, going to the occassional BYU games, spending time in the mountains,etc. I even love the winters!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you enjoy my blog! Stay tuned for the second part (coming soon).