Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Phew! (good always comes eventually)

#3 is just fine.

The doctor discovered that he just has a really bad ear infection, which could have caused the vomit and diarrhea. Weird. Anyways, they have him a shot of antiobiotics and this morning we woke up to our fiesty, obnoxious, and adorable little guy. :) What's even better is the cuddling he and I have caught up on...

So, I was thinking of the last few weeks, and thinking about the good and the bad. Here has been the bad:
  • Our house falling apart
  • #3 getting sick
  • #4 having to be tested 3 times for jaundice; his bilirubin has been high and so the last two mornings I've been at the hospital with him getting tested (same thing happened with #2 when she was born).
  • The awful shootings at Trolley Square which has just devestated our communities here in Utah.
  • Not knowing if we have a job yet...waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

All of this happened within a short span, bringing to truth the mantra --when it rains, it does pour! (yeah, title of my last post). Now here's the good that has happened just recently:

  • Our house will start getting fixed this week
  • #3 is okay
  • #4's bilirubin is not increasing, so we don't have to test him unless we see warning signs
  • The shootings at Trolley Square, although tragic, are already teaching us to value life and the time we have together, to forgive, and to love.
  • The job? Well, tune into my next post and I'll give you the good news! (too early to tell right now)...

So, I think my theme --the theme of my life --forever will now be "This too shall pass --the good will come, we just have to wait..." or something like that. Because it's so true! I can't even believe how blessed I am; and it only takes a short time for the bad things to pass for me to realize it...


RoAnn said...

SO glad that things are looking up for you after a pretty scary time!

Cheryl said...

Thank you, roann! It was scary for a while...sometimes those nights last forever.