Sunday, February 18, 2007

My wandering mind today...

I got some fabulous advice from some amazing women over at Tales From the Crib on moving to the Bay Area. I've also been emailing four of them --I'm feeling much better about the move, now. Thank you!!

DH bought boxes yesterday. He drives to SF tomorrow; I'll be packing alone this week (and next), but it's all good. I'm good at being Super-Organized, and the Relief Society is helping with my kids so I can pack.

I lost 20 pounds last week! Unfortunately, I had gained 32 throughout the pregnancy, and now I'm back to square one where I was when I joined WW last year. ~sigh~

I'm still tired. But I'm healing quickly. And my breasts are finally no longer engorged. Any breast-feeding woman will tell you that engorgement really sucks. Ouch. (well, mastitis is worse!)

Everyone is mad at us for moving. Well, maybe just sad. Our next door neighbor's son (he's 16) told me we were evil for moving and he was really upset. So is my family, our ENTIRE ward, our neighbors...yeah, pretty much everyone. But as my mom said, it's better that they'll miss us, right? Rather than being glad we're leaving? Yeah. I'll take depression over elation. :)

I'm going to have to do a "what I'll miss about Provo" blog soon. Kind of like what Rarely Home Mom did last year on the Bay Area. Go here to read about it. Makes me excited for my move, her post!

Peace out. I'm going to make brownies and take a shower while the family's at church. ~sigh~ I'm starting to miss Church...

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