Friday, February 02, 2007

All the stuff that is going on that you may or may not care about (but I do!)

  • Finally bought a new car seat and stroller for the new baby. Our last infant car seat was almost 6 years old --yeah, we had to throw it out. And the stroller it came with? Run right into the ground (6 years and 3 kids can kill strollers!). I love the new one --and yes, it is a travel system. After a ton of research, they really are the best thing for this Utah mom.
  • We found a contractor who will start digging our window wells and getting our new windows/fixing the wall, etc. on Wednesday. Yay!
  • Tomorrow is #2's birthday party. I ordered everything from here and this is the theme. She finally decided to forgo the Princess theme (much to my relief, since it's more expensive) since she is inviting a lot of boys. I have a feeling it's going to be lots of fun! Except....
  • ....the kids are sick. Well, it's colds --and #3 and #2 are almost done. #1 is just starting. Turns out it's a positive thing, though, because I know it's what I had --and now it's passing through everyone --and the mold is GONE. So it wasn't the mold after all...I really was a little worried (especially after your comment, bren!).
  • The job that we were expecting in SF has changed --DH has applied for a different position in the same company and now we have to wait another week to know what we are doing. Of course, we're tired of NOT knowing, but this is a GREAT blessing --the longer we wait, the longer he works for his old company as a consultant for good money, the older the baby will be if/when we need to move, and the house might be finished (or at least close) getting fixed. So, I'll let you all know ---next week. :)
  • Piano Recital is tomorrow! Yeah, the kids aren't prepared at all. It goes in waves --some recitals are just completely awesome, and others are terrible. I think this is going to be a terrible one. ~sigh~
  • Class reunion stuff keeps on going and going...don't you hate it when people won't respond? When they won't call or email back? I hate it. If D and I could get more support this thing would go faster and not be so stressful. However, the bright side is that it is going to be an AWESOME reunion, so if people decide not to come, well, it's their loss! :)
  • Thank goodness for really reliable Primary counselors. It's going to be hard not to be there for the next 3 or 4 Sundays, but I know Primary will still run smoothly. I just hope the names we've submitted will be called...That's the one thing about Primary I've learned. Since there are twice as many callings to fill than any other organization in a Ward, we are constantly having to find new people and replacements. It's very trying at times --I'm learning to have more faith --and it's good for me. :)
  • I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. And it hurts to walk. And lie down. And sit down. Nothing is comfortable! And the fact that I'm not progressing yet (which my prolong my discomfort) is not helping me mentally. I keep reminding myself that I can't go into labor until after Sunday (the 4th) since I have so much to do, so maybe I'll start to progress when I have time to relax? Here's hopin'...


bec said...

well, that's it then. you're so tight and stressed about everything on your table sized plate that your body can't relax enough to have the baby...that's my professional opinion. Ha ha. oh, I do hope for your sanity sake it's soon and you can get some help deflecting all the other things you have going on with some really good friends or hubby or something. sheesh, i don't think i can complain of being busy again. you need a date night...seriously soon before, mmmm, tomorrow! take care!

Cheryl said...

Ahh! But that is true. I knew I couldn't possibly go into labor until after today --and then starting tomorrow, it's "relaxing" day. I'm sure my mind has convinced my body of this, therefore the lack of progress. :)

But to be honest, I don't mind. My whole life is like this and always has been because I can't stand to have nothing to do --I function better under some stress. It was like that in college for me, too --as long as I worked 20 hours a week, had 14 or more credits a semester, and volunteered for everything else, I did well. I'm thinking HS was the same,! I'm seeing a pattern here --I've been busy and stressed my whole life! And for some reason, I think I flourish in it...:)

brenbot said...

i wrote on my blog but i thought i'd write on yours too - thank you for the birthday present, it came a few days ago & i can't wait to figure out what to wear it with. it's really pretty.