Sunday, January 14, 2007

Church, poop, and more poop...

Okay, so today I was actually looking forward to Church. I mean, to be honest, I usually do look forward to Church, but today I had fewer responsibilities. Basically, I didn't have to do Sharing Time in Primary (like I have for the last 2 weeks). I see that as fewer. :)

Anyways, it was going well --pretty smooth, in fact. Of course, that should have been my first clue...

My 2nd counselor came to me and said, "Your daughter (#2) is in the bathroom insisting that she has to take off all of her clothes to go poop...I figured you better come take care of it rather than me!" I ran off down the hall (which is hard to do 36 weeks pregnant) and sure enough, she was wanting to take off her clothes. Luckily, her dress had buttons in the back, so she didn't get very far (thus no need for my running). I convinced her to stay clothed; something I have failed to do at home. Yes, at home, everytime she needs to poop, she strips herself naked. Just poop, though, not pee. See, she thinks if she has clothes on, somehow the poop will land on her clothes.....the thinking of a 3 year old...Okay, so crisis averted at church. Make mental note to teach her to keep her clothes on no matter what to avert more public strippings...

So I go back to the Primary Room and sit down to look over lists/calendars/etc. while my 1st counselor does Sharing Time. By now it's the last hour, but we have about 25 minutes left before Church ends.

One of the nursery leaders brings in #3. And he STINKS. (Not the nursery son... :) ). Then I see it's seeping through some of his pants. "Great" I thought, "Diarrhea at church --oh, well, it's not like it hasn't happened before". So, I take his hand, the diaper bag, and my confidence down the hallway to the bathroom and when I get there, I realize it is on his sock. And now his shoe. On both legs. Okay, so this is BAD diarrhea...I get out the pad, wipes, etc. and get ready for the onslaught. However, because I had left the diaper bag in the van all night, the wipes were frozen. Yes, FROZEN. There was ICE on the WIPES. "Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!" --so I send a nice girl from our Primary to the nursery leader for wipes and she only had about 5 left. Another nursery leader brought me disinfectant wipes to clean up afterward, a plastic bag for his shoes, socks, and pants, and some paper towels. (It's great to have help like that --I love the thinking of mothers...she knew what I needed without me asking...). So then I dive in and clean the boy up. My 2nd counselor came in and I told her I would probably leave early --and she let me know that church was almost over anyway. It took me a good 20 minutes to clean up #3, clean up the changing table, wash myself up, and get his clothes and things together. When we walked out into the hallway, classes were letting out, so we just got DH and the girls and went home.

The whole time I'm wiping his bum (and he says "Owie, mommy! Bum owie..."), I was almost laughing at the situation. What surprised me the most was how perfectly fine I was with the situation. I wasn't angry, I wasn't perturbed, and I wasn't even really that annoyed. I was inconvenienced, sure, but so what? He was my son, he needed me, and I love him. Cleaning all that crap off of him was nothing.

That "revelation" and the feeling it left me made me realize that I really do enjoy being a mom. Even with all the poop that comes with it. :)

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