Friday, December 29, 2006

I am spoiled rotten...

DH and I had an unspoken agreement that Mother's Day and Father's Day were our holidays. Our birthdays book-end Christmas, as well as our Anniversary. So, the big presents were reserved for May and June, as a way to save money, lower expectations, and focus on the children during the "holidays".

Well, he ruined that this year!

I was spoiled. What's worse, is I wasn't expecting it, so of course, he got lots of glee out of surprising me, while I felt bad that the best gift I got him was a tie rack. Here are the gifts he surprised me with:

  • The new Josh Groban CD (holy cow, that boy sings better every year!)
  • Taylor Hicks' new CD (we are Americon Idol junkies, so this was awesome --and not bad tunes, either!)
  • A Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas CD (how can you go wrong with the MoTab?)
  • All the Christmas animated classics on DVD (you know, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, The Little Drummer Boy, etc. --I think the girls picked it out for me. :) ).
  • A signed --yes, I said signed --piece of artwork by Greg Olsen. No, I'm not kidding! Here's the story:
    I'm in Costco just before we leave for our Cali vacation, and I see dozens and dozens of framed Greg Olsen artwork (for those who don't know, Greg Olsen is an LDS artist who paints pictures of Christ, children, and some of Joseph Smith and other LDS related material) --but get this! Greg Olsen is right there, signing people's purchased art. I look at the sign, and he's finishing in about 10 minutes, but he'll be back 4 other times --while we are gone. I told DH about it, and said we should just get a friend to do it for us, seriously joking. But lo and behold, Christmas morning, there is a framed art piece (of the Sacred Grove and off in the distance, a subtle showing of Joseph Smith and light representing the First Vision) signed by Greg Olsen in the front, and then on the back it says (in Greg Olsen's hand writing) "Merry Christmas 2006, from Brandon --Greg Olsen". Now how awesome is that!??!
  • A 9 inch Queen sized Memory Foam Mattress with a 3 inch pillow top. YES! I was thrilled. I've been wanting that Memory Foam Mattress for years. I slept on one once, and I thought I was in heaven. And let me tell you, I'm in heaven now! I've never slept better... (and DH enjoys it as well :) ).

Oh, and to add to all that, the day before Christmas Eve (23rd), he came home from shopping and brought me roses.

I told you all I married the best man in the world! (and not just because he gives me stuff, but seriously, it's really nice when it happens :) ).


kanga5 said...

What a darling husband! I LOVE to hear that there are other women out there as happy with their choice as I am with mine. :) Here's to wonderful sweethearts!

Cheryl said...

Amen! :)