Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

  • Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing. Traffic was awful, but we still made it to Idaho in one piece. Traffic was better the next day on our drive back to Utah.
  • We had stayed less than 20 hours in a hotel in SLC for the family reunion, swam at the pool for a little bit, had a good night's rest, ate a nice continental breakfast, swam some more and then packed up to leave. As we are leaving the room, #2 says, in her dramatic form, completely serious: "We will never forget this place!"
  • While we are at the church house for the reunion, #3 accidentally hit his head on a random peice of the outside door, getting a huge gash on his forehead. We ended up at the ER for some derma-bond. He picked it off the next day during naptime, and so we had to administer (thanks to my SIL and BIL) over-the-counter medical super glue and then cover it with a bandage.
  • Loved seeing all the family --both sides. Not enough time to enjoy them --luckily we get to see them all (both sides again) next month...
  • Croup has finally passed through all three kids. I think I might actually get some sleep this week. Here's to hoping...
  • BYU beat Utah!!!! 3 seconds left, Utah is up by 4 points, Beck scrambles, throws it in to Harline for the touchdown. Never been so relieved! :)
  • DH finishes work with his company Thursday. Then we get him all to ourselves for a month!

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