Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Today I took #2 and #3 swimming for our Preschool Field Trip. The town homes in our ward have a pool at their clubhouse, and so it was F-R-E-E. Nice. Luckily, my Target-bought maternity swimming suits came in the mail yesterday, and so I tried out my new black tankini. I liked it a lot, to be honest, and it fit great! It felt so good to have shaved legs again. :)

We leave for our cruise Friday night --the red-eye to NY and then to Ft. Lauderdale. I'll be gone for a week, so don't expect any more posts after Friday until Thanksgiving time. YAY! It will be so nice to relax for a week. (although, personally, I would rather be sailing on a different cruise line. My past Carnival experiences have not been very good. Maybe this week will change my opinion. I hope so! Luckily, DH and I were able to upgrade to a balcony room so I can have some fresh air for my pregnant asthma body)

DH's interview to El Segundo won't happen until after Thanksgiving now. However, he's flying to Dallas when we get back from the cruise. Dallas also looks promising....Far away, yes, but still promising....Hmmm....Ah, you never know. We might end up staying right where we are.


tamrobot said...

the suspense is killing me.

Cheryl said...

Killing you? What about me!??!?! :) J/K