Thursday, November 02, 2006

Job Decisions are hard to make...

DH has had several job interviews. All good. Great potential everywhere. He's brilliant, wanted, and we will have no problem getting a job where/when/how we want. The problem is, we don't know what we want.

He has job opportunities in Draper, Anaheim (CA), and Dallas (TX). Maybe in Wyoming, too. The problem with this is --where do we go? When can we decide? Should we move before the baby is born? Should we wait? Do we do the couple split until after the baby is born? Do we buy or rent? Do we keep this house? Or do we skip all that and just take the job in Draper and stay where we are?

Of course, I know the way to find the answers are through prayer. The big problem is that in order to recieve an answer (as it talks about in D&C sections 6 and 9), we need to make a decision first. That's the scary part. Making that decision.

In the meantime, we will relax on our final cruise with his company in the Western Carribean. Or is it Caribbean? Or Carribbean? I can not spell. Oh, I think it's Caribbean. Maybe. Anyways, we leave on Nov. 11th for a week. Here's a THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! to my sister for coming to watch the kids for the week. I'm thinking this vacation will be really good for DH and me --relaxation and a chance to really talk about our future without "Mommy! She hit me!" and "Daddy, get me a drink!" every five seconds.

Wish us luck!!


TftCarrie said...

My vote is for Anahiem of course! Then we can go to Disneyland together!

brenbot said...

i 2nd that motion.

tamrobot said...