Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Crazy Day

  • Woke up after having a nightmare: #2 fell in a river and I couldn't get to her....woke up crying. Took a shower ---calmed me down.
  • Did morning routine: Feed, dress, and get kids ready. Get myself ready.
  • No newspaper in the driveway. Suck.
  • Take #1 to school
  • Come back --DH already gone to an early meeting --and work on Primary Stuff
  • Take #2 and #3 to Library time for our preschool field trip--fun time
  • Immediately after go to Costco for milk, wet wipes, and asthma meds (and end up getting a ton more stuff we need/want/like/hadn't thought of/etc.)
  • After Costco, go through drive-in at Wendy's and get lunch
  • Pick up #1 from school
  • Put freezer/fridge stuff from Costco in freezer/fridge
  • Drive kids and lunch to "Lunch Bunch with kids" Enrichment activity.
  • Eat lunch, kids play, moms talk
  • Grateful for UEA and no dance class for #2
  • Lose #3
  • Entire group searching for #3
  • Find #3 --Quick enough that panic had not set in, but long enough that I was starting to really worry
  • Clean up, kids in the car, drop off some Primary stuff
  • Take kids with me to midwife appt.
  • Kids are good at first, but midwife is later than usual because of new patient
  • Great appt. --kids are patient (during appt --not before!) and excited to hear the baby's heartbeat
  • Get kids in car and head over to DH's office to say howdy
  • Make DH come out to the car to say hello so I don't have to get them in and out and in again
  • Go home. #3 down for a nap
  • #1 and #2 watch some TV while I clean out and vaccuum the Tahoe --and start the laundry
  • Three Stooges come over (Three YM--Priests--from our ward that have made our home their second home due to my great advice, free food, and --the biggest reason--our X-box)
  • Finish cleaning up stuff from Tahoe in the house when first piano student arrives
  • Good lesson
  • 2nd student comes
  • Bad lesson (AGAIN!!!--I'm getting frustrated with this student)
  • Glad for Wednesdays and only 2 lessons (rather than the normal 5)
  • DH comes home --plays with kids/has to work some more from home
  • Three stooges leave
  • Make dinner/eat dinner/clean up dinner
  • DH goes to Mutual
  • Kids to bed (pajamas, books, scriptures, prayers, drinks, personal prayers, love you, goodnight)
  • Fold laundry/watch TV
  • DH comes home/we watch TV and finish folding laundry
  • BED. Blissful bed! Praying and hoping that there will be no more nightmares about children --specifically mine --dying. Remind myself I'm pregnant. Hormones. Hormones.


Anonymous said...

What a day! I don't remember how I came across your blog, but I enjoy reading it (hope you don't mind). I'm a mother of 2 little ones and I've been contemplating taking on some piano are an inspiration! What do you do with your kids during the lessons? What do you do during the first lesson for a beginner student? Any other advice? Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Hey, no problem! I always welcome readers (and commentors!! --or is it

I have a babysitter during lessons. In fact, I have four. One for each day. In exchange for sitting, they get their lesson free. Some days, they can't come, and so then I turn on a movie in the basement and send down popcorn and the kids do great. My youngest is over 2, so it's actually quite easy. When they were younger, I HAD to have a sitter. And when I had sitters that didn't take lessons from me, I only paid them $4 an hour (for 3 kids). I figure, I'm in the house, right?

First lessons? That's a me at cssavage at gmail dot com and I can give you more time with that response. I'm full of advice. :)

Thanks for writing!