Thursday, September 07, 2006

And, we're off!

I've been such a blogging slacker lately, and so I've decided to renew my writing with vigor! I hope I will not disappoint myself.

So much has happened this week! Here are the highlights:

1-On Labor Day, the whole family hiked the "Y". It was long and slow --we carried #3 in a back carrier (okay, DH carried #3 in a back carrier), #1 did REALLY well (where did she get that energy?), and #2 thought she was going to die. Seriously, it was the funniest thing (and quite annoying) to hear "I can't do this! It's too hard! My feet are sweating!" to "This is great! Let's do this again soon! I love the rocks!" and back to "I need a break! Let me sit down!". But the kids were so excited to be sitting on the "Y" and even with the whining, DH and I are thinking about making this an annual tradition.

2-My baby girl (#1) started Kindergarten on Tuesday. KINDERGARTEN! She is so grown up now. She's wearing cute jeans and nice shirts and has a great Old Navy backpack I got on sale in Park City. She's making friends and talking about her teacher and bringing home Elementary School Sized papers in her too-big-for-her Old Navy backpack. She doesn't always remember to say good-bye and she loves, loves, loves going to school. When did she grow up? When did she become such an independent and beautiful young girl?

3- I started my preschool. Yay! It's going well --at least today was much better than the first day. No real crisis has occurred, but the first day was just hard. It always is for young kids, especially since "my" kids are 2 and 3 year olds. But today was great. They were anticipating everything that came their way and they had a good time! Our first Field Trip was yesterday and we had a good time at the Monte L. Bean museum on BYU campus. Free, air conditioned, and dead/taxidermied animals everywhere....what more could a mother want? :)

4-Piano lessons also began. So far, so good. The only frustrating part are parents forgetting to pay for the month. Grrr.... But the kids seemed rejuvinated from the summer break, and ready to learn. And practice. I always like that motivation in a kid. My first voice lesson is tomorrow --technically, I've never taught voice before. But I've taken years of lessons, was a studio accompanist for a year and a half for a voice teacher at BYU, and I was the choir director. That gives me experience, right? Yeah, well, we'll see. :)

5-#2 got into her dance class!! She and #1 will start their dance classes next week --yay! They are very excited.

6-Looks like I'm going to be heading up the committee for my 10 year class reunion. Not one class officer is willing to do it. NOT ONE. But I am. And it will be fabulous!! (thanks to those who left advice!!)

Onward I go. Tonight or tomorrow I'll post pictures from the month of August. Apologies for being so late with them all...


brenbot said...

i was going to mention that your blogging skills were beginning to decline. i am glad you are back.

Cheryl said...

What's up with that picture?