Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Different stuff

Random Blogging Thoughts:

  • We had the BEST Stake Conference this last weekend. I won't bore you with details, but the Family Proclamation was the Theme. What was nice was hearing many things that I'm doing right. Of course, there are several that I'm doing wrong. And most of it has to do with my marriage. See previous post. :)
  • For Mother's Day I recieved a beautiful piece of art called "Lavender Country". It shows a lavender field with a white stucco/red clay roof "shack" and the rolling green hills and trees of Italy. When I'm feeling down, I'll turn on Andrea Bocelli and look at my painting. Calms my soul. I LOVE that painting. Thank you, DH!!
  • It's been the first few days of no piano lessons and it's been so nice. The piano recital on Saturday went well, but several students didn't feel that practicing was in their best interest, and so basically, they sucked. Well, not too badly, but I knew they were embarrassed. I hope they've learned their lesson for next time. It's interesting, but the recitals always do the opposite thing --perfect, not so good, perfect, not so good, etc. I guess they just need a break.
  • My walking friend is now my jogging/walking/running friend. Yay! We're training for that 5K and it feels great. Slowly, we're making it...we can run about 1/2 mile now. Just 2 1/2 to go!
  • Cleaning the yard is much harder than the house, I've decided. It's dirtier. (go figure). And I think it's harder to know what to do with stuff. You know, outdoor stuff...hmmm....maybe I'll save these thoughts for another day --when I actually finish clearing off the patio.
  • Oh! Oh! DH's schedule is slowing down. YAY! FINALLY! He surprised us last night by coming home not only for FHE, but for dinner as well. It was really nice. I just wish I had been more grateful to have him home. I'm so used to him not being around, I kind felt like he was in the way....gonna have to work on that one! Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to see him, it was just hard to adjust to his unexpected presence. :)

    Ahh, well I'm tired...enough blogging and enough thoughts for today...

    Favorite quote: "When men speak ill of thee, live so that nobody will believe them." --Plato

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