Sunday, April 23, 2006

Crazy Weekend

We finally figured it out! After years of driving to Canada and California with our kids and wondering the best formula, we have finally gotten an answer. We've tried all ways --flying, driving it in shifts (drive half-way, sleep somewhere, drive the other half the next day), driving at night, just doing it all day and stop frequently...and we've got the winner:

Start at 4AM. No later, no earlier. 4 AM and we're at our destinations by mid-afternoon. The kids sleep for most of the morning --by the time the whining starts, it's time for an early lunch. When we get back into the car, it's only a few more hours until we're there. Ahh, it made traveling nice for this weekend!

We went to California for DH's sister's wedding reception.

She and her future DH are getting married in the New Zealand Temple tomorrow, and they decided to have an early reception for all their family and friends at my MIL's house in Cali. It was WONDERFUL! The BEST reception I've ever been to. And here's why:

SIL planned the reception to the last detail; it was catered; chairs and tables were rented; chinese lanterns were hung (by moi and my other SIL); flowers were done by family; colors were perfect (choc.brown and light turquoisey blue); it was casual (no line); there was an entire side of the yard for children with hired cousins to babysit, crayons, paper, treats, and easter egg hunt, hopscotch, etc. etc. etc.; the yard was AMAZING with terraced gardens and immaculate trimmed bushes and blooming flowers and amazing stone walkways (thanks to my MIL and Step-FIL) that just takes your breath away; and all guests arrived on time (because there was no "end" time on the invite). Oh, and the cake was perfect, too! And they cut it early so we could all eat it. Seriously, it was the best reception I have ever seen.

It was a SHORT trip, though. We arrived Friday and left Sunday (today). The kids are sick of driving now for a while, and our house is a mess. Oh, and we arrived home to find that the plastic waterline taking water from our pipes to our fridge for our water dispenser on the door of our fridge got a leak sometime while we were away. Yep, water all over the kitchen floor (warping some of the wood) and it leaked downstairs. Luckily it leaked into the furnace room and it was minimal.

But it was a great weekend and I'm SOOO excited for my SIL. My aunt even solicited honeymoon advice for her on her community blog (www.

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TftCarrie said...

It was an awesome reception. She broke the traditional mormon reception mold and boy was it fab.

Here is a post about writing simple html

HTML hints for bloggers Also, you can highlight the word you want to be the link and then push the link button at the top of the blogger writing template. A box pops up where you enter in the web address and it will write the code for you.

Cheryl said...

Sweet! Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Wow! This is so cool!

Now for a website...

Our Ten Year Reunion.

Yay! It worked!

tamrobot said...

Thanks for all your help with the reception and thanks for coming down so far. I had so much fun and the reception turned out so perfect! I'll have to call you soon to tell you about new zealand. It was so awesome!