Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Potty Training Woes

So, admidst the sickness everyone has (DH came home sick from work...yay!) I've been in the process of potty-training my almost 3 year old. She's adorable and independent and very, very active. You can imagine the attempt...

But it's the 4th attempt! So we are not going back!

Actually, it's not been so bad. Since they've all been so sick, we can't really go anywhere, and therefore she's had longer to prepare for (gasp!) nursery. There's just one thing that we have to work on...and that is #2.

Ah, yes. #2. For some reason, she's just fine in going to a corner, doing her business, and then saying to mommy (when I can smell it from across the room) "don't see me!" and I know immediately what that means....~sigh~

My mother laughs. I guess I was the same...ahh, sweet revenge for her. :)

But I am a veteran! This is my second child to potty-train! I know what I am doing! (I say to myself as I clean up another #2-stained pair of pretty pink girlie underpants...)

Motherhood in all it's glory, I tell ya'!

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