Monday, January 30, 2006

How do I deal with it?

People get too offended sometimes. Over dumb things, too.

Hey, I'm totally for taking offense if it's needed. For example, I am not pro-gay, but I won't tolerate people bashing someone for being gay. If someone insults my child, that's not fair, either. Maybe it's my fault and not hers!

Anyways, some things shouldn't be taken offense to.

There is someone in my life (who's relation and name will remain anonymous) who is constantly offended by everything I say. Okay, so maybe I should be kinder at times. Maybe I should be more Christ-like and take the high road. I understand that. I'm workin' on it. I'm not perfect, people! But --anywaysssss-- I am tired of talking with this person.

This person freaks out when I disagree.

This person freaks out if I know more information than this person does.

This person is ALWAYS right.

This person causes so much stress and pain--emotionally, spiritually, and mentally (never physically, although that can be indirectly related to the mental pain).

The soltution to cut this person out of my life is not there. It cannot happen for reasons I cannot state.

I'm not the only one this person acts this way towards.

Oh--and for the record, I'm not married to this person. :)

How do I deal with it? It's as if I have this stumbling block in my way down the path to Eternal life and each time I think I'm doing okay and the relationship is going better and then WHAM! I trip out of nowhere over this person.



tamrobot said...

feel your pain. when you find out, let me know...

brenbot said...

i just read this looking through archives. yep. tamra couldn't have said it better.