Monday, May 06, 2013

Random Monday, Random Post

Did I ever tell you, dear reader, that I wrote this over at Real Intent? No? Why, that is a travesty! Go at once and read about how I explain why some of the quirky Mormon Corridor traditions came from our Pioneer ancestors.


I took the day off today. I'm in my pajamas still (it's 2PM), but it's okay. The kids haven't watched TV ALL day and I have managed to feed them, change diapers, pick up #4 from school and I even got to write some posts and things. Yay, me!


Trying to reestablish healthy habits is really, really, really hard. Especially when nobody else really wants to do it with you, you know? My kids and husband would eat whatever I made (okay, only some of the kids), but they aren't willing to make it. And the truth is that I have allowed old habits back into our lives and it's really hard to change again. Even when I know what to do. Green smoothies don't even sound good anymore (even though I like 'em when I make 'em) and although exercising is getting better, I have such a long ways to go...

It's just hard not to get discouraged. This is when I would love a magic wish from a fairy godmother to give me a head start. I wouldn't want her to take away all 55 pounds that I need to lose --maybe just 35 of it. Or 40! Because then I'd at least have the energy to get the rest off on my own, you know? Or maybe she could just take away my asthma. Or depression...

Okay, okay. Yes. I've prayed to have those taken away. The answer wasn't "No" --it was more, "you need to learn things from these experiences, and I'll help you through them."

But right now, I'm feeling really... unhealthy. I feel anxious to be healthy again, but desire alone doesn't seem to be enough to actually do it.

Go figure.


Soccer season is over! YAY!! The end.


Things I love so much right now:

*tulips from Brandon

*Eternal marriage
*the ability to repent
*Spring rain
*Brandon's old laptop that is now mine!
*leftover Mexican food from our own Cinco de Mayo feast
*Only three weeks left of school!


Amanda D said...

I'm with you on the healthy stuff. It gets old trying to be so vigilant. I am working on it though. Trying to tackle one thing at a time -- exercise one week, add water the next, more salads the next, you know what I mean? It's a process. You can do it!

Kaitlin Nikole said...

Getting back to healthy habits is hard I completely agree with you there. I read somewhere to make one change a week to get back to those healthy habits. Might be worth trying, it seems to be helping my husband and me :) Good luck