Sunday, December 05, 2010

Theater With The Little Kidlets: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Do you remember my review of Salt Lake Acting Company's performance of Go, Dog, Go! last year? No? Well, it's right here.
You're welcome.

This year, Salt Lake Acting Company is continuing their new yearly tradition of children's theater with their second children's play. Can you guess which play they chose this year? Yep! The classic book by Laura Joffe Numeroff is brought to life with an over sized kitchen, some mouse ears, and some delicious --you got it! --cookies.

Brandon and I took our four oldest kids this year. We went to one of the Saturday matinees yesterday (Dec. 4th) and had a great time! The play lasts an hour --the perfect amount of time for little kids. I was impressed with the facial expression, the talented choreography (no joke!), and the constant stream of music. Gratefully, the laughter coming from the audience wasn't just from children; there is enough in this play to keep the parents entertained for the entire hour.

Dustin Bolt and Michael Gardner have a good interaction; it can't be easy to maintain the momentum for an entire production between only two actors! I think this speaks volumes about their experience and professionalism.

Afterwards, the two actors took questions from the audience (the children) and my #2 even asked: "Was the tape you used, real?"
Answer: "Yes!"

[To read a great blog entry from Dustin Bolt on his role as Mouse, go here.]

Here are the kids' reactions to the play:
#3 (my 6 year old): "I loved the tape part; it was so funny!"
#4 (my 3 year old): "I loved it when they pretended it was Star Wars!"
#2 (my 7 year old): "I liked the part when the mouse said, 'I think I'm being a bother.' "
#1: (my 9 year old): "Ooh! The part where they were dancing; the mirror part. I loved that!"

What will your child's reaction be? If you would like to go, here is a great promotion for you, dear reader:

P.S. Make sure you stop into the Boutique while you are there. Antiques, photography, art, handmade hats and jewelry...I was in heaven!

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