Monday, December 07, 2009

Fabulous Theater With The Kiddies: Go, Dog, Go!

The day: Friday night (okay, so it's not day, but whatever).
The people: Me, #1, #2, #3, and #4 (#5 stayed with my fabulous sister, even though he could have come. Yes, that needs to be pointed out at this stage of the blog post. He could have come and he would have been welcome).
The venue: The Salt Lake Acting Company
The reason: Go, Dog, Go!

That's right! I took the kids Friday night --thanks to the Salt Lake Acting Company (located in Salt Lake City in the old 19th ward building that is now called the "Marmalade Hill Center" and home to the acting company)--to see the musical adaptation of Go, Dog. Go! This fun, fun play is based on the book by P.D. Eastman (you know which one, right? I mean, we've all read this as kids and to our own kids a bazillion times, haven't we? I know I have! In fact, this was one of the first books #1 could read) and was adapted for stage by Allison Gregory and Steven Dietz; directed by Jerry Rapier.

Cool part? It's the first time The Salt Lake Acting Company has put on a children's play! Ever!
And it was fabulous, dear reader.

I'm seriously not just saying that. Because I couldn't, you know. I'm a critic at heart because I've performed most of my life (okay, okay --usually just musically, but you know what I mean). I take the cultural arts very seriously. And since this included my kids, and was meant for them, I took it even more seriously.

How did it turn out? The kids were thrilled. Thrilled! #1, #2, and #3 were completely enthralled throughout the whole production (which is just under an hour). #4 was riveted for at least 45 minutes of it (he's two years old; I was amazed he lasted that long!). I really enjoyed it (as did most of the adults in the audience).
All in all, it was fabulous. The sets were so fun, the acting/singing was top notch, and the interaction with the kids/audience was so well done! I laughed and laughed, too. They had refreshments before and after (opening night, baby!), they were very courteous to the kids (no crazy people giving you crusty looks for having children in the theater), there was a fabulous boutique located inside the theater [where professional actor-people (trying to be gender friendly, yo) sell great artwork and hand-maid products], the kids got free bookmarks, and the graciousness of the house manager(s) won me over.
So, do yourself a favor and GO! Go, dear reader, go! (bwahahahahahaha...ha...ha...sigh). No, but seriously --go! What a fun way to not only spend time with your kids during the holidays, but what a great way to get them interested in the theater!

Here is the remaining schedule:
December 10th: 10AM
December 11th: 10AM and 7PM
December 12th: 12PM and 3PM
December 13th: 12PM and 3PM
December 17th: 10AM
December 18th: 10AM and 7PM
December 19th: 12PM and 3PM
December 20th: 12PM and 3PM
December 22nd: 10AM and 3PM
December 23rd: 10AM and 3PM
December 26th: 12PM and 3PM
December 27th: 12PM and 3PM

Regular price tickets:
Adults: $25
Kids: $15
If you call the box office and mention that you read about it on Happy Meets Crazy (hey, that's me!), you get $3 off regular price (Adults: $22, Kids: $12). Groups of 10 or more people save $5 per ticket (Adults: $20, Kids: $10). Cool beans!

Info about The Salt Lake Acting Company:
168 W 500 NSLC, UT 84103
SLAC website

In the pictures above:
MC Dog (orange): Colleen Baum
Hattie (pink): Shannon Musgrave
Yellow Dog: Jay Perry
Red Dog: Dustin Bolt
Green Dog: Nathan Shaw
Blue Dog: Deena Marie Manzanares
Musician Dog (purple): David Evanoff

[All photographs were provided by The Salt Lake Acting Company.]

My only regret? Not taking photos of my kids while we were there! Dang...


Amy said...

That's funny, Austin just read that book as part of his home reading. He would have loved the play...too bad we're so far away. :)

Natalie said...

This book drives me crazy, but a play would be fabulous!! What a fun thing to attend.

FluffyChicky said...

Hooray for fun family outings!

Wish there was a theater group that would do fun things like that in my neck of the woods. There probably is, but I have no idea where they are located. Sigh.